Bursa Signal was created to help people to make profit from Bursa Malaysia Saham Kuala Lumpur .

You've spend thousands to learn winning strategy and you've read every business news....every single news article but still losing money in the market .

Our system using tecnical analysis system and  tries to predict which way the market will move in the short term ,medium term and long term. Our system will be giving a signal when the trend is up and out of the market when the trend is down. I have created a purely mechanical system to identify when these intermediate trends begin and end

We are charging a small fees for our services. Just RM38 a month , you will get daily tips on our analysis and research for equities in Bursa Malaysia  . We will inform you what price to enter , what price to take profit and what price to cut loss.

Please bear in mind every investment come with risk but with our strategy and track records your winning probability is 85% .

If you interested , Please email to  bursasignal@gmail.com or add us on facebook at www.facebook.com/bursasignal . After payment we will add you in our facebook Bursa Malaysia investment Closed group